Cash-Flow & Budgeting

Establishing a disciplined cash-flow and budgeting structure

Implementing a disciplined cashflow management system will help you monitor and manage your cashflow, so that you can be in a position to gain a full understanding of your cashflow patterns and then utilise this knowledge to improve your overall financial position.

The road to financial independence is all about cashflow. It is the point where your additional income (such as income from your investments rather than salary or wages) meets or exceeds your cost of living. You can create a positive cashflow by reducing the level of expenses and then investing in cash-creating assets. That way you can create an additional source of income, over and above the income you earn by working, to help you reach financial independence sooner.

In retirement your spending patterns change, so utilising a system that tracks your spending can help you monitor trends and help you budget effectively.  For those thinking about retirement, an effective strategy can help the transition.

To achieve (or maintain) genuine financial independence, and all the lifestyle benefits that go with it, you need to make sure you run an effective budget and handle your cash in a disciplined manner so that it grows.

How you manage your cash along the way can have a big impact on when you achieve your goals. No matter how much money we have, or what stage of life we are at, we all have to make decisions about cash each and every day. Some of these are small, like your morning cup of coffee or buying a new shirt. Others are much bigger, like purchasing a new car or house or setting up an investment portfolio. All of these decisions, big and small, highlight the importance of managing your cashflow.

Cashflow is a key component of a successful investment strategy

Getting the basics right can help you reach your financial goals more quickly or make your wealth last longer in retirement. By directing all of your income through the one central system, you can keep track of exactly what you earn and what you spend. Separating your wealth creation cashflow management system from your cost of living account should help you reach your goals sooner, or better estimate and manage your income payments.

Our cash flow and budgeting tool gives you

1. One complete and single view of your financial information in one place.
2. Track your net worth and what surplus you have.
3. What can you afford to invest and where that surplus has been going?
4. Better still, link your agreed financial goals so you can see how you are tracking towards your goals.

Cash-Flow & Budgeting App

Ocean Advice is offering a free SIX month trial of our cash flow and budgeting software, click the link below and follow the instructions.

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Things to Consider:

  • Moneysoft is an online, personal financial management tool that brings together all of your information, from multiple accounts and different locations, giving you one easy-to-use view of your finances.
  • Moneysoft uses the same high security and encryption standards as the banks, ensuring your financial information is kept safe. It is not a payment gateway so it’s not possible to transact within your account.

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